Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Burger Doofer

This one is for my dad.

The Kiwis have come up with some odd ideas during the past; some of you may have heard me discuss Zorbing. It’s a truly Kiwi sporting innovation where they throw you into a human sized plastic hamster ball and chuck you down a hill. No seriously I’m not making this stuff up. That’s one end of the spectrum of innovation but at the other end is the Burger Doofer.

As we were busing around learning the neighbourhoods and visiting rental homes Blaise said what he really wanted for lunch was a good burger. Less than a block past that statement I spotted Burger Fuel so we planned on visiting the rental place and coming back to get some burgers. We approached Burger Fuel quite hungry and ready for anything. First off Burger Fuel has some of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had!!! The Kiwis have an obsession with brie cheese and avocado….bless them. It was a moist juicy burger, fresh tomatoes, red onions and lettuce, I ordered one with brie cheese instead of cheddar; did I mention it was delicious. Oh and its quite large…really ridiculously oversized.

Now the more cultured burger eaters among us recognize that burgers while yummy and good have a major flaw when it comes to eating. The back end of the burger continually tries to escape the bun. For those more enlightened (finicky) eaters a slightly cleaner way to eat a burger is to turn it upside down with the top bun on the bottom. Why does it work? No idea but it does cut down on the mess.

Well the Kiwis took it one step further, presenting the Burger Doofer.

It keeps your burger together, catches most of the ketchupy/meaty juice that oozes out the back and … its kind of neat. Go Kiwis!

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  1. Burger Doofers are amazing, aren't they? They got a mention in my blog post of my top 5 favorite things about NZ.